About the Website – A knowledge-sharing project by the Refugee Rights Clinic

 Refugee law is a relatively new field of law in Israel and is developing rapidly. The "Knowledge Sharing Project" was established by the Refugee Rights Clinic at Tel Aviv University to assist advocates and people with interest to study the field. We, at the Refugee Rights Clinic hope that jurists and activists will find interest in the site and will contribute to its development.

The website includes:

A. News and Updates: In this section current news from Israel and around the world relating to refugees and asylum seekers are published. An emphasis is given to changes in procedures, policies, legislation and jurisprudence.

B. Database: The database includes Israeli jurisprudence (particularly Administrative Court decisions and the Supreme Court) on asylum, temporary protection, release from detention, etc. The database is equipped with a search engine which enables locating legal decisions according to various criteria. The database also includes international treaties, UNHCR guidelines; Israeli legislation; Israeli bills and the relevant Israeli asylum procedures. The database includes some foreign jurisprudence. The Refugee Rights Clinic is making every effort to develop and update the database on an ongoing basis; however, the database does not include all relevant legal decisions and of course cannot substitute an independent research.

C. Web forum for Advocates and activists representing and assisting refugees and asylum seekers: The purpose of forum is to serve as a platform for communication, consultation and cooperation between its members. The membership in the forum is limited to advocates and activists involved in representing and assisting refugees and asylum seekers. To submit a membership request click here.

We wish to extend our thanks to the contributors to this site:

  •  The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Israel – For it generous support and its permission to use photographs and legal materials included in the site;
  •  Advanced Grant no. 323323 The GlobalTrust Project – Sovereigns as Trustees of Humanity, ERC
  • To Eli Nevo of the Nevo legal website (www.nevo.co.il) for his generous permission to use jurisprudence published in "nevo";
  • ActiveStills (www.activestills.org) and UNHCR – for the beautiful photos
  • All the people who took a part in the setting up of the website: Noa Notsani (project manager), Carmel Neta (programmer), Ronen Eidelman (Designer), Attorney Anat Ben–Dor (clinical instructor), Attorney Aelad Cahana (clinical instructor), Attorney Itamar Zur (volunteer and the website advocate), Liel Kyzer (research assistant), Lior Kotler (research assistant) and Yarden Kagan (volunteer).